California’s Response to COVID-19
California is no stranger to crisis. Recessions. Wildfires. Earthquakes. But it never faced a moment like this. A global pandemic that swept across our nation before we even understood how to protect ourselves or each other.

In that moment, California’s workers and families turned to their state leadership for answers. And it was behind that leadership, for the people of California, that we stood. Racing against an invisible clock that could literally mean life or death, we created over 1,500 pieces of life-saving content in a matter of months. We disseminated news and information that changed every single day. We helped people physically stay safe through responsible behavior—while also guiding them on how to mentally and emotionally deal with their fear and the uncertainty of the future. We reminded them that, even though we have to face this apart, we were in this together.

And we did it all while learning to work in this “new normal,” without the regular processes most projects afford us. Because there is no creative brief when information changes by the hour. And no timeline—except right now—when lives are being lost.

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